Tree Planting Scheme

woodshed tree planting scheme dorsetThe key benefit of using wood as a fuel source is that it provides both a sustainable and renewable energy source.

Managed local woodland areas in Dorset foster an environment where natural wildlife habitats can develop and flourish.

By using ‘rotation’ based systems and thinning, the natural local habitats are maintained rather than neglected. This helps to encourage an environment where both woodlands and wildlife can fully develop.

The Woodshed has followed an active tree planting scheme which it has been involved in for many years in order to ensure that wood supplied is sourced from sustainable sources.

Tree planting schemes not only help to ensure that a sustainable environment is maintained for the growth of strong and healthy trees for the future, they also help to create an environment where woodland habitats can evolve and thrive.

In addition to our 40 acres of mature woodland, we have planted approximately an additional 100 acres of mixed woodland over the past 15 years.

All of our planting is within 5 miles from our base which additionally helps to minimise the carbon foot print generated from transportation.

The Woodshed Tree Planting Scheme

In 2011, the following trees were planted:

  • Oak – 2500 trees
  • Ash – 2500 trees
  • Field maple – 200 trees
  • Crab apple – 200 trees
  • Birch – 200 trees
  • Wild cherry – 200 trees
  • Beech – 200 trees
  • Hornbeam – 200 trees
  • Hazel – 400 trees

TotalĀ  – 6600 trees!