Welcome to The Woodshed Ltd

The Woodshed is a long-established family business, based in Wimborne, Dorset which has been serving the local community for over 25 years. We supply top quality fuel products for wood burning stoves, multi fuel burners, open fires, pizza ovens and chimeneas.

We are conscious of our environmental responsibilities and use only locally sourced wood from certified forests. All our wood is traditionally air-dried in our yard using the natural elements of the sun and wind.  This is a method which has been used for centuries and is not reliant on the use of fossil fuels to force the seasoning process.  Well seasoned woodfuel is considered to be “carbon lean” meaning that each tree absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide when growing as it releases when burned. We recommend that customers order their logs 6 months in advance and hold a rolling stock for use.

We endeavour to deliver two if not three deliveries together to further lessen our carbon footprint and our processing waste is reused: sawdust as animal bedding, woodchips and bark as compost on our land.

Wood is a sustainable and renewable energy source and here at The Woodshed we have been operating our own tree planting scheme for over 20 years.

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